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Communication Policy

  • This policy sets out our requirements and expectations with regards to all photography/video footage taken of the children, young people, and adults associated with Global Alms Incorporated. It also specifies management, staff and volunteer expectations regarding Internal and External Communication relating to Global Alms Incorporated.


Internal Communications

  • Good communication is essential in any organisation.  Global Alms Incorporated management will make every effort to hear all concerns voiced by individuals, staff and volunteers and ensure they will be taken seriously.

  • It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that information is available and exchanged between all those involved in Global Alms Incorporated and its activities.  Some information, is confidential and should only be shared on a strictly need-to-know basis.

  • All formal requests to and from management need to be put in writing via email or correspondence only. Do not send for action tasks or formal requests to staff and volunteers through social media, for example, Facebook Messenger.

  • Global Alms Incorporated internal communications to and from staff and volunteers must be courteous and respectful at all times. When sending/providing tasks, formal requests or information to staff via email write in the ‘Subject’ line what the intention of the email is, for action or information only.



FOR ACTION: [insert main topic of email]


INFO ONLY: [insert main topic of email]



  • Whilst Global Alms Incorporated welcomes photography that tells ‘our story’, we also have a responsibility to the children, families and staff who we work with to ensure that we are sensitive with the photos that are taken and published.

  • All photography/video will respect the dignity of every individual. Individuals will not be photographed while they are undressed, while showering, going to the toilet or when distressed, experiencing seizures or other symptoms of a debilitating condition.

  • All photography/video will respect the safety of every individual. Care must be taken to avoid putting individuals at risk as a result of the photo. This means that photos of dangerous activities should be avoided (instead, the priority is to try to remove the individual from danger where it is practicable).

  • Care must also be taken when photographing individuals at particular risk from some form of abuse, for example, domestic abuse. Individuals living away from home because of abuse in the family should not be photographed in such a way that identifies their new home. Additionally, such photos should not be published without express permission from the Chief Executive Officer of Global Alms Incorporated.

  • All photography/video will respect the individual’s rights and authority of the primary caregiver. Individuals should be empowered to opt out of photographs if they do not wish to be pictured. Photo permission forms have been introduced within Global Alms Incorporated, and must be completed for each child, signed by the parent/guardian where possible. Global Alms Incorporated staff should always be consulted before taking photos.

  • Photographs/video taken of Global Alms Incorporated staff, volunteers and members of the community on our premises and/or taking part in our activities remain the intellectual property of Global Alms Incorporated. While Global Alms Incorporated encourages staff/volunteers/visitors to share with others, we reserve the right to prohibit the publication of photos on blogs, social media websites, newsletters and posters. Furthermore, no individual has the right to grant permission to third parties for the publication of Global Alms Incorporated photos or video. This extends to newspapers, TV/radio broadcasts, websites and all other forms of media.

  • By extension, this means that all photographs/video footage taken of Global Alms Incorporated staff, property and/or activities becomes the property of Global Alms Incorporated. The Public Relations Department maintains a photography/video library to which photos may be added, which may subsequently be used in official Global Alms Incorporated publicity.

  • Global Alms Incorporated ask that volunteers do not publish photos of any individuals (especially those which show their faces) onto the internet, (such as Facebook, blogs and other social networking sites), without first obtaining permission from Global Alms Incorporated staff.


External Communications – Meetings/Blogs/Emails/Newsletters  


  • All staff and volunteers of Global Alms Incorporated must represent the organisation in a respectful manner at all times. This includes the language you use, how you treat others and the information you share about Global Alms Incorporated.

  • Global Alms Incorporated understands that volunteers need to communicate with friends, family and supporters back home and realises that blogging, writing newsletters and sending detailed emails are some of the most effective ways of sharing your experiences.

  • Due to the nature of work that Global Alms Incorporated is involved in (with vulnerable children, young people and adults), it is extremely important that all blogs/newsletters/emails seek to protect the individuals that are involved with the organisation. Global Alms Incorporated therefore requests that all staff, volunteers and visitors ensure their blogs adhere to the following guidelines.

    • Make it clear that the views expressed in the blog are yours alone and do not represent the views of Global Alms Incorporated.

    • Set your blog to ‘private’ so that only those who you choose to share your blog address with will be able to read it, rather than making it public. Most blog sites should have this option.

    • Always refer positively to the Thai Government, the Department of Social Welfare, and other official community groups.

    • Do not use personal details of individuals (i.e. names, ages, health status)

    • Ask the Public Relations Officer of Global Alms Incorporated if you have any questions about what is appropriate to include in your blog.

  • Global Alms Incorporated is aware that volunteering can be a very tough and emotional experience. Please speak with the other staff and volunteers, the Chief Executive Officer, or Community Liaison Officer of Global Alms Incorporated, if you are struggling in any way, rather than blogging about it.

  • If this policy is breached in any way, the Chief Executive Officer will be formally notified and disciplinary action will be taken. 

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