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We believe everybody is capable of fulfilling their own purpose in life. Whether they aim to be an entrepreneur, learn the ins and outs of working as part of an effective team, or lead their own team; Global Alms Incorporated is dedicated to providing healthy capacity building opportunities for individuals.

Finding that special way to connect with people from all walks of life is a gift. We believe in Community Collaboration which is simply working together for the benefit of people within a community. Our team does not “reinvent the wheel”.


We focus on finding out people’s needs and working together for a solution. If our team does not specialise in that type of work, then we will connect you with an existing organisation, community group or government department that can help you. Sometimes finding the right solution is simple and yes others can be more challenging, but in order to help our local communities we will all be more effective IF we work together!

Our Projects


Our Internships are 3-12 months in length and provide development in a range of different areas. We offer Business Administration, Community Collaboration and Professional Training Development.

Women Who Whistle Project

We run the W3 Project within communities to combat Domestic & Family Violence. It is run by women in the community, for women in the community and is a community response lead by women to combat Domestic & Family Violence.

Small Business Development

The Small Business Development project is a 6-12 month commitment where we will assist you in developing a business plan, train you in business practices & help you establish a sustainable way for you to generate income to support you and your family.

Dress-A-Girl Project

Many young girls around the world, come from or now find themselves in poor communities. Their situation is very difficult and spending money on clothing is often spent on more important things like food and rent, so the family can survive. Partner with us to Dress-A-Girl.

Global Alms W3 Project
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