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If you need emergency assistance call the 'Yes She Matters' Help Line +66 92 598 0405.


We believe protection plays an important role in every person’s life. Our Operations Team provides men, women and children an opportunity no matter their race, religion or documented status, to receive immediate help if they have been raped, sexually assaulted, abused, trafficked or caught in domestic violence.​

The Global Alms Incorporated Operations Department incorporates two frontline entities.

The GAI Counter Trafficking Unit manages all anti-human trafficking activities, operations involving potential victims of trafficking and stakeholder engagement within the international community.

The 'Yes She Matters' program focusses on victims and survivors of gender based violence crimes involving women and children.​



We provide a 24/7 helpline 

+66 92 598 0405 

used by the general public and law enforcement who require immediate assistance when referring potential victims or reporting cases of human trafficking or gender based violence.

Emergency Response Teams

We provide an Emergency Response Team of experienced operators to recover, protect and assist victims of human trafficking and gender based violence crimes. 

Victim Identification

As a recognised Frontline Officers, we gather preliminary information to identify victims of human trafficking and gender based violence crimes during the screening process under the National Referral Mechanism.

Law Enforcement

We work alongside the National Police Agency, Ministry of Justice and Multi-Disciplinary Teams to report and investigate human trafficking and gender based violence crimes. 

Medical Assistance

We provide emergency first aid onsite and work alongside the General Hospital One-Stop Crisis Centre to assist clients in receiving medical care. Our Case Advocates provide direct support for clients during medical testing, health checks, Psychological assessments, any medical procedures required and during hospital stays.

Judicial Services

We partner with Thai Foundations who provide pro bono legal consultations and representation. Our Case Advocates explain the judicial process so each client understands the next steps. We ensure each client is respected and has a platform to share their story in a safe environment.

Advocacy Centres

A provide a safe environment for victims coming out of exploitation who need emergency shelter and holistic aftercare services. We use a survivor-centred, trauma-informed approach to collect evidence and record testimonies for court that avoids additional trauma to the client.

Aftercare Services

We partner with organisations who provide survivor-centred holistic support services for survivors of human trafficking and gender based violence.

The Global Alms Counter Trafficking Unit and ‘Yes She Matters’ Program are free services provided for potential victims of trafficking and survivors of gender based violence in Tak, Thailand. If you would like to support men, women and children who have survived unspeakable trauma, please partner with us today.

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