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Know The Signs!

Have you been trafficked?

  • Did you apply for the job via Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), WhatsApp, Telegram or an online platform?

  • Did you have an online interview?

  • Have you been promised a job with a company in Thailand?

  • Were you promised a lucrative salary?

  • Did you receive a letter of confirmation for your new role?

  • Did you investigate the company you applied to and are they registered?

  • Do you have an agent or consultant handling details for you?


Current Situation along the Thailand-Myanmar border

Thousands of people have been trafficked by transnational organised crime syndicates into Myanmar, thinking they were applying for legitimate jobs in Mae Sot, Thailand. Their reality is, they were tricked into applying for fake jobs and trafficked across international borders into forced criminality, fearing for their lives.

What is Forced Criminality?

Forced Criminality involves victims who are coerced to commit a range of crimes, such as cyber scamming, forced begging, online gambling, forced sham marriage, ATM theft, bag snatching, cannabis cultivation and drug smuggling.

How to prevent yourself or someone you know from being trafficked

  • Never give anyone your passport!

  • Research the company you are applying to join. For example, check their website, search for them on social media and LinkedIn, check the legal registration of the company.

  • Ask for references (face to face or virtual) from current employees.

  • Ensure you received an official letter of offer and check the email addresses match the companies contact information.

  • Research the visa requirements for working in a foreign country.

  • Notify your countries Immigration Office of your intention to travel or contact your countries Embassy once you arrive at your destination.

  • If you are about to cross a river in north-west Thailand don’t, it is likely you are being trafficked into Myanmar.

Could this be your situation?

If you or someone you know has been trapped in forced criminality, contact your nearest embassy or email the Global Alms Counter Trafficking Unit at with the details.



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