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Why are they awesome?


You ask WHY I always keep saying The Global Alms Emergency Team is awesome ….

Here I am at 4:07 am in the morning. I have hardly slept WHY, the reason is I have been going through a number of scenarios in my head concerning the Global Alms Emergency Team. What they have gone through over the past month and even the past 2 weeks. Here is the answer to why I say the Global Alms Team is awesome. They traveled into another country to support and bring back a client for interviews with The Royal Thai Police, the Court, and the lawyer. Not only did they do that, but they then stayed with them and fed them and continued in shifts for 7 days throughout the night to keep them safe.

In the middle of the night, a call comes to our Emergency Team from a person we work with. A man has been stabbed by a gang of men and is lying out in the middle of the street. So the team gets on the phone to get some help to the man and eventually, a rescue ambulance goes out and picks him up takes him to the hospital. The next day our Emergency Team visit the man in the hospital and find him sitting on the steps bandaged up, but as he has no money because he has been robbed the hospital wouldn’t keep him there or give him any new dressings or drugs to stop the infection. So our team put him on their motorbike, take him home and one of our team carries him into his house.

Another call-out, again domestic violence happening, our team responds and are able to restore peace but this wasn’t the first, it won’t be the last. Next day a call from the woman and she has been stabbed, the team is dispatched to where they are told she is, they take her to a place to receive medical care BUT, she can’t get it because she is going to report the incident and this clinic doesn’t want the police there. Our CEO is called into the situation, the woman is bleeding, so she puts on gloves herself, gets the bandages and dresses the wound. She is offered the needle and thread to sew the woman’s wounds, which she refused. The bleeding stopped, they then took her to the hospital for stitches and to our Emergency Centre.

You wonder why I call the Global Alms Team awesome and that’s only 3 events over two weeks. There are more, but it would be a long read.

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