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The 'Yes She Matters' program provides women and children an opportunity no matter their race, religion or documented status to receive immediate help if they have been raped, sexually assaulted, abused or caught in a domestic violence situation.
Thailand needs 'Yes She Matters'!  

'Yes She Matters' Emergency Assistance

Emergency Packs: 3,000 AUD ($30 per/pack)

The Emergency Packs are given to survivors as part of our immediate response. They include: Carry Bag, T-Shirt (long or short Sleeve) with Longyi/Pants or Dress, undergarments, sanitary items (pads, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, tooth paste).

Sexual Assault Forensics Exam: $7,750 AUD ($155 per/exam)

When possible we sponsor Sexual Assault Forensics Examinations for survivors as there is very little funding provided to covers these costs. These involve: Immediate Care for Physical Injuries, Head to Toe Examination, Blood Tests, Medication, Prevention Medication, Follow up Exams.

'Yes She Matters' Emergency Centre

Renovation: 12,000 AUD

Our Emergency Centre needs work, materials and furniture. We need the following items: Glass wall & door (for front of building), Install internal doors, Install rear external door, Furniture (tables, chairs, whiteboard, couch, curtains, floor mats, cushions, shelves), Air-conditioners, Fans, Paint, Buckets, Brushes, Children's toys, Baskets, Kitchen items, Power boards.

'Yes She Matters' Transportation

Vehicle: 20,000 AUD

We need a second hand vehicle to provide secure transportation for young children and women who have survived attacks. This also needs to cover ongoing costs such as, fuel, registration and insurance.

'Yes She Matters' Campaign

Campaign: $1,000 AUD

Posters, Banners, Telecommunication, Printing, Transportation.