Yes She Matters

The ‘Yes She Matters’ program provides women an opportunity no matter their race, religion or documented status, to receive immediate help if they have been raped, sexually assaulted, abused or caught in domestic violence.

We have worked hard to develop key relationships within Immigration, the Royal Thai Police and Government Hospitals to provide the best response and care possible for young girls and women caught in these situations. 

The ‘Yes She Matters’ Emergency Assistance Team are all female and trained across several fields; Psychology, Mental Health, Counselling, Trauma Care, Optimal Situational Awareness and Reality Based Self Defence. 

We provide Emergency Packs (clothes, undergarments, sanitary items, toiletries), a ‘Yes She Matters’ Case Advocate to offer one on one support (especially during police interviews & medical exams), Mental Health support, and Training options for healing and personal protection.

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