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Where have their rights gone?


Have you ever heard about the Convention on the Rights of the Child? For me, when I did not have training about working with children, I never knew that my country had already signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child because there are only two countries left that have not signed it. At that time, I thought that Myanmar was included in these two countries, but it was not right. The Myanmar government has already signed it. I was so surprised. In my opinion, it is not only Myanmar that has already signed it and did not take action to follow this convention, but also other countries too.

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, “each child shall have full rights”, but how can they get it while there are still growing inequalities, globalization, migration, wars, natural disasters and pandemics, a lack of knowledge and understanding, and when government policies are weak and not resourced?

In the Convention on the Rights of the Child, it also states that “the state should support parents, and the state is to provide special protection for children deprived of the family environment”. Have you even heard of or seen the state enforcing this part of the convention in Myanmar? For me, I do not think that the state follows it because when the communities have difficulties with caring for the child, the government never shows enough care about it. This is an example of the lack of political will from governments.

A lot of sexual abuse also happens in Myanmar, but the state does not do enough to stop it. Sometimes, I thought that if I were to be part of the government, I would like to give big punishments for the perpetrators so that they can never do something wrong to the child again. When I am thinking about it, I feel too upset about the government. Also, the United Nations is the body that endorses this convention. Although every country has already agreed to sign it, the United Nations should have the authority to check that they really take action about the child’s rights, but it does not yet. Implementation and monitoring are still weak.

Therefore, we already know that the government (particularly in Myanmar) does not protect the children, so it is our responsibility to care for the children. If you do not want your kids and your community to get sexually abused or be at higher risk, you should care for them. Children are similar to bread. Although the outside may seem hard, they are very soft on the inside. Children are easily exposed to danger. 

The chance is in your hands now. Although we may not be able to change the government right now, we can change our lives to become safer. Therefore, let’s protect the children, particularly the children who are in crisis.

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