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Support a Volunteer - Mechelle Moore




On average there are 87 reported rapes in Thailand each day – one every 15 minutes, with most ending in death. This statistic does not include incidents of abuse or sexual assault, or the many unreported cases that are kept silent. Women and children in Thailand, especially along the Thai/Burma border, are very vulnerable to human rights abuses. Mechelle is doing something to change this.

Mechelle is CEO of Global Alms Incorporated, an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the elimination of trafficking, sexual exploitation and physical abuse of men, women and children. Before moving to south-east Asia as a volunteer to help vulnerable communities in Thailand, Mechelle developed a successful career within Australian Government sectors. Mechelle works tirelessly to ensure the team train as many women and children as possible in personal preservation and protection. 

All our full-time volunteers rely on sponsorship from people just like you, which contributes towards their survival. Your donations or regular pledges will contribute towards allowing Mechelle to lead the Global Alms Incorporated Team in Asia; ensuring the delivery of high standard training courses, campaigns and programs within local communities.

Entrust Foundation have partnered with Global Alms Incorporated to support the work Mechelle Moore is doing in Thailand and provide a tax deductible option for supporters. 

To take advantage of the tax deduction click HERE.