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Strength in Collaboration


What do you think of when you see the word, ‘collaboration’?

Perhaps you have mixed feelings about it, because depending on the situation… collaborations that you’ve been involved in haven’t worked out very well. Lately, I’ve been reminded of how powerful it can be.

Collaboration: the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing.

Even though the number of team members in our organization has recently tripled, we’ve actually grown in so many more ways. I can’t fully explain just how grateful we are for each person who contributes their own uniqueness and skills to the table that is now the Global Alms Incorporated team.

At any given day, class, meal, or conversation; you’ll find honesty, wisdom, laughter, and skills-based experiences that broaden your perspective.

I love that we are made up of 6 different ethnicities, 8 different languages, and many more community backgrounds. I love that we’re able to build together, and on top of each other’s ideas and visions. I love that despite our slightly different passions and interests, we still work together towards our common goal. I also love that we are then able to take this outside of our team and do the same when we partner with other organisations.

"Unity is strength . . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepanek

 Without collaborations, we would never have been able to develop the training programs that we now have to offer to the community. We would never have been able to have local businesses and taxis be excited to work alongside us to help victims of abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. We would never have been able to develop effective, strategic plans to understand and help struggling single mothers. Without collaborations, we would never have been able to grow.

This is why we believe in working together.

We’re not about reinventing the wheel, or spreading ourselves too thinly. We want to be the kind of team that sees the value in others, and working out ways to work effectively alongside them. This is what we want to model for the women, youth, children, and men that we are connected with. To listen to their stories and make sure they understand that they’re not alone. To encourage them to own what they have to offer, and to then use that for the betterment of themselves, their family, and their overall community. To show them that collaboration is what strengthens and fuels us to do, and become better.

Want to collaborate?

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