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    National Children At Risk Training

    BY LIA LUN NGAI | 25 JULY 2018

    Our training team conducted National Children at Risk Training (NCART) workshops with teachers and staff from a local school and dormitory. We covered The Needs of Children at Risk, Child Development, Introduction to Attachment, and Understanding Attachment in Children at Risk.  Read More...

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    An Intern's Perspective - Personal Values Matter!


    I did not grow up in a culture that emphasized personal values much. Instead, there were certain expectations people have of me on how I should act in accordance to my roles in my family, community, and the country I belong to. I hadn’t given much thought about what values I hold until I was asked about my very personal values. What I can now recall is that I froze and pondered for quite a while until I figured out what mine were.  Read More...

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    Where have their rights gone?

    BY NAW MOL MOL | 9 JUL 2019

    Have you ever heard about the Convention on the Rights of the Child? For me, when I did not have training about working with children, I never knew that my country had already signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child because there are only two countries left that have not signed it. At that time, I thought that Myanmar was included in these two countries, but it was not right. The Myanmar government has already signed it. I was so surprised. In my opinion, it is not only Myanmar that has already signed it and did not take action to follow this convention, but also other countries too.  Read More...

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    Life Skills Training for Teenagers

    BY LIA LUN NGAI | 5 JUNE 2018

    Do you believe that getting Life Skill's training can change your life? 

    Life Skills Training is very necessary for everyone. Especially, for young people because many of them have dreams for their future, but most young people do not know how to plan by setting goals to achieve their dreams. We are training young people in Life Skills because we would like to help them set up their goals for a better future.  Read More...

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    Living in an Inclusive World


    According to UNICEF, an estimate of 93 million to 150 million children around the globe have a disability. What is a disability?   Read More...

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    'Yes She Matters' Program

    BY NAW MOL MOL | 19 JANUARY 2018

    Global Alms Incorporated has a new program called, 'Yes She Matters'. It offers an Emergency Team for females who have been involved in trafficking, sexual exploitation, rape, and abuse or physical violence. 

    We will provide an Emergency Pack (new clothes, undergarments, sanitary items, toiletries); our Emergency Assistance team will also provide case workers for Mental Health support and Training options. Our team are working with the local hospital, ...  Read More...

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