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An Intern's Perspective - Excellence Through Competition


What does it mean to compete?

According to the dictionary, a definition of ‘compete’ is: to take part in a contest. I believe it is much more significant than that. In fact, I believe it is very critical to our development at any age.

Friendly competition is beneficial and comes naturally to us as humans. We have been competing with each other since the beginning of time. It challenges us to become better and develop strong traits at a young age and is not meant to hurt you or anybody’s feelings, but instead motivate you to reach your goals.

What does competition develop in us?

Timothy Gunn, Psy. D., a pediatric neuropsychologist says, "Competition helps kids learn that it is not always the best and the brightest who are successful, but rather those that work hard and stick with it." He also says children who compete, "earn critical social skills through interacting with other children, while also learning the value of hard work and developing self-esteem and self-efficacy."

I could not agree more. At a young age I learned while competing in sports that it is not where you start that matters, but where you finish. Other kids that were bigger, stronger, and faster than the kids who worked hard eventually became smaller, weaker, and slower than them. It is at this point in time when we learned and appreciated a family bond, developed loyalty and good character with one another, and chose to always chase excellence.

It is proven that if you have friendly competitions or rivalries with someone pursuing the same goal, you and that person will naturally reach that goal faster than someone trying to reach it alone. I have an ongoing rivalry with a close friend of mine, with whom I have competed with since we were babies. We’ve competed in everything from grades in school, to skills in sports, self-defense, and even simple, everyday activities like driving a car. The will to compete gives me the motivation to reach for the highest stars and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for a rivalry with my friend, I wouldn’t have had half the skills and experience that I do now. Start a friendly competition with your friend and see how much you grow in the process of being the best.

"...good enough isn't good enough if it can be better, and better isn't good enough if it can be best" - Dr. Rick Rigsby

Here at Global Alms Incorporated, we chase excellence and live by our ethos: "Family, Loyalty, Honesty, and Gratitude" in our goals to ameliorate lives and eliminate trafficking, abuse, and sexual exploitation. Personally, I have seen great examples of friendly competition making us better. Our self-defense programs are a big role in this. Competing with my training partners every day and pushing each other to do better is not only valuable, but a great and fun experience in the process. I am very grateful for our team.

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