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This week has been an awesome week for the staff of Global Alms Incorporated. We have had some great wins in being able to help new clients, but also some events that have shattered us emotionally. 

I want to tell you about the women that we are working with which the staff have been meeting with in their community visits. One woman is pregnant, this will be her second child. Her first is disabled and she does not have a husband. She does not have any form of income as she stays at home to take care of her disabled child. When she found out that she was pregnant a second time, everyone advised her to get a potion that would abort her baby….. Oh, they forgot to tell her that it doesn’t always work, and the consequences of it not working! 

The Global Alms staff here have done all they could. They referred her to other Non-government Organisation's and some have either refused to help her because she doesn’t fit in their square box or say “we will help you but we must send your child to an orphanage.” Where is our compassion? Where is our love? Let me say that those Non-government Organisation's that have made decisions not to help or think it’s too hard are of different faiths. 

Thankfully, there have been Non-government Organisation's trying to help with the disabled child, teaching the mother new skills, and providing food in the hospital so she and her helper can eat. The baby is due any day now with no money, no support, and at this stage, no future.

I can tell you of another story of another mother who has a baby that needs an operation. What’s holding it up? The baby constantly getting sick – maybe because they lack adequate accommodation, maybe because they lack the right food so that the baby is healthy enough to fight off sickness. 

Global Alms staff do more than train people in Self-Defence, NCART, Sewing, Computers, and Life Skills. They are on the frontline a lot – facing things you may not know about and never will. Being here seeing them struggle emotionally with some of these situations day in and day out gives you some insight into what they really do. 

The photos you see, the smiles … they are good to see, but you also need to understand the stories behind them.

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