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A Migrant Workers Life


Most of the migrant workers in Thailand are from Myanmar. It is because of financial difficulties, lack of business, low wages, weak government support, war, and disasters that they choose to migrate to other countries to work hard to support their family; although in their mind, they would not like to live without their loved ones. This includes me too. That is why I can completely understand the way that they feel.

I am really proud of migrant workers because it is so hard to live outside of their usual environment like before; the language, culture, food, weather, place, people, and situations are totally different. They have to change everything to adjust although they do not want to change. Especially because they do not really know all of the laws in Thailand that stand for human rights, worker’s rights, women’s rights etc. It is because of weak education, weak knowledge and other issues that they are at risk of becoming a victim.

Before, most of the migrant workers came into Thailand with illegal ways, but now they get more opportunities to come with legal ways that allow them to apply for and use different types of documents including the MOU, CI, and Pink cards. Although they have a chance to have these documents, they still need more knowledge about how to get those documents without hiring agencies to apply on their behalf. When they hire certain agencies, they are often deceived by the agencies so that they lose their money without getting real documents.

When our team went to conduct the Human Trafficking Awareness training on behalf of the Tak Immigration team, most of the migrant workers had had experiences like that. Most of them did not know that they were able to legally work in other countries. In my opinion, I would like more knowledge to be given to people who would like to work in other countries because I have seen a lot of cases where people became victims of human trafficking. At that time, the people did not even know that they were human trafficking victims, and that they have a right to protect themselves against it. It is too late to protect them after it has occurred, so we need to inform people about what human trafficking is, so that they can avoid those situations.

This is why our team partners with other Community Based Organisations, Non-Government Organisations, the Royal Thai Police, Tak Immigration, and different public and private networks that work to protect people from human trafficking. If the migrant workers do not know the basics of what human trafficking is, they are at a higher risk of becoming a human trafficking victim. Therefore, it is not only Non-Government Organisations or specific groups that protect people from human trafficking, or who have a responsibility to prevent it, but everyone. Everyone has the responsibility to share or train others about protection against human trafficking.

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